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Brooke Cole
Brooke graduated from the massage therapy program at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington in 2005. With over 9 years of experience, Brooke uses an intuitive touch, and combines various techniques that she has learned over the years.
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I was referred to Kevin at Northwest Massage after injuring my back. Coming into this office, I was in a lot of pain, barely able to walk and unable to tie my shoes. Through massage, cupping, and active isolated stretching, he was able to get me walking again and back to work. I had a great experien… Read more
Mike L. Port Angeles
Last year I was having pain in my left shoulder and couldn’t even use it to drive. I talked to a coworker that had seen Kevin at Northwest Massage. She said that she had been really worked over, but was feeling looser. I got the phone number and called the next day and made a appointment. Within a… Read more
Sue T. Port Angeles
I’ve been having a lot of neck and back problems, so I decided to go see my buddy Kevin. It hurt so good. Afterwards, I remember thinking “Wow! So this is what a normal back feels like!” hahaha When I was going to college and having to look down at my school work all the time, my neck would just kil… Read more
Cindy P. Port Angeles
At 67 years old, I really thought I was going to need a hip replacement. My left hip hurt when walking, sitting, and laying down. Although not diagnosed by a physician, I feel that I was suffering from Sciatica (hip extending to my knee while sitting or walking). Lying on my stomach was the only way… Read more
Dwight DSequim, WA
I have been seeing Kevin for the past 3 years, off and on. I’ve been in chronic pain for 15 years with no relief except through various medications. Being fed up with the Western medicine by masking the pain, I was introduced to Kevin through a workplace friend who said he could fix me. “Oh yeah… Read more
Marti L.
HI! My name is Wayne. I am 54 years old and have been driving professionally for over 15 years. I was recently involved in an auto accident where someone ran into the bus that I was driving and I sustained some spinal and muscular injury. I had seen another massage therapist who was going private an… Read more
Wayne ASequim, WA
It is my genuine delight to recommend Kevin Pedrey, of Northwest Massage, as an extremely skilled and talented Massage Therapist. Kevin does what I call “medical massage”. What I mean by this is that his style of Massage has a clinical purpose to relive pain and aid people in achieving a higher … Read more
Pat F. Port Angeles
I was involved in a car accident last October that resulted in severe soft tissue damage (whiplash) from the base of my skull to the upper half of my back and shoulder area. Immediately, I had a horrific headache that never completely went away during the next two months. The tendons, ligaments, a… Read more
Tracey Port Angeles
To whom it may concern. This is a testimonial for the work that Kevin Pedrey has been doing for me. I have Stenois is my neck and both my arms have had pain from the kinks and knots in them. I have had a lot of pain. It has been difficult to put my clothes and jacket on with out having a great deal… Read more
Margaret A.
After seeing the difference a series of chair massages made for me, I decided to make an appointment with Kevin to see if he could alleviate the pain I was having in my leg and hip. I’d had the pain for over a year, and it was now impacting my ability to walk and to be as active as I had been in t… Read more
Dorothy B.
Ever have a pain in your side that just wouldn’t go away? After almost 20 years of dealing with pain and trying to come to terms that this is the way it is and having to learn to live with it was downright disheartening. Then I met this man who did massage therapy, and injuries was his specialty. I … Read more
Ann A.Sequim, WA
Kevin at Northwest Massage helped me with a pinched nerve in my neck resulting in right arm radicular symptoms.  It was my first experience getting massage to help with an injury and his trigger point technique and cupping therapy really improved my symptoms.  He is professional, personable and kn… Read more
Kim B. Port Angeles
About four months ago, I injured my shoulder while doing resistance training. Naturally, I continued my training believing the pain would go away. By the next week, I could barely move my arm. I went to physical therapy over the next several weeks and regained some limited movement, but with pain. I… Read more
Calvin S. Port Angeles- Shoulder Injury
I cannot believe how much better I feel since going to Kevin for massage therapy. I hired him to come to my office and give my secretary a chair massage, my secretary was in heaven. I recommend to anyone wanting their body to feel relaxed and relieved to go get a massage from Kevin, he is amazing! Y… Read more
Sindie S. Port Angeles Wa
On July 15th this year, I injured my back and was completely incapacitated. After three days of excruciating pain and disfigurement, I decided to go see a chiropractor. I received some minor adjustments but was still in massive amounts of pain with numbness in my legs. The chiropractor’s administr… Read more
George P. Back Injury

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